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13 March 2019Sir Stanley Spencer - an Autobiography in Pictures
13 February 2019Antoni Gaudi and the Golden Age of Catalan Architecture
09 January 2019Lawrence of Arabia - Tortured Hero of Troubled Times
14 November 2018The Twelve Days of Christmas
10 October 2018Art behind bars - the role of Arts in the cycle of crime and prison
12 September 2018L S Lowry - should we celebrate his contribution to British art?
11 July 2018From Corot to Monet - Developments in French Landscape Painting
13 June 2018The Mystery of Holbein's Ambassadors
09 May 2018Salisbury Cathedral - the Making and Unmaking of a Masterpiece
11 April 2018Frida Kahloe and Diego Rivera - the Golden Age of Mexican Painting
14 March 2018The Rivalry between Leonardo and Michaelangelo
14 February 2018Edward Lear - Landscape Painter and Poet
10 January 2018Medieval Paris and London - comparison of style and splendour
08 November 2017Image and History – Art at the Lansdowne Club
11 October 2017The History of Russian Art
13 September 2017The History of the Harp – from Mediterranean antiquity to 20th century Europe
12 July 2017Sicilian Splendours – from the Greeks to the Normans
14 June 2017The splendours of North Africa – Roman and Islamic art of Libya, Tunisia and Morocco
10 May 2017Edgar Degas – Realist or Impressionist?
12 April 2017James Gillray – Satirist to Insanity
08 March 2017Isfahan and the history of Persian tilework
08 February 2017Thomas Heatherwick – the modern Leonardo?
11 January 2017Auguste Rodin – the first Modern Sculptor
09 November 2016The Punch and Judy Show – a subversive symbol from Commedia Dell’Arte to the present day.
12 October 2016The Destruction of the Monasteries - the greatest act of artistic vandalism in English history
14 September 2016Threads of History – the world of the Bayeux Tapestry
13 July 2016High Tech Architecture – Norman Foster and Richard Rogers
08 June 2016The Wonders of the Wallace Collection
11 May 2016Cremona and the golden age of violin making
13 April 2016Edward Seago – Landscape perfectionist and Royal favourite
09 March 2016Tales of a mysterious land – Landscapes, Legends, and Archaeology of Ethiopia
10 February 2016A concise chronology of early Meissen porcelain
13 January 2016Windows on another world – the paintings of Jan Van Eyck
11 November 2015Life and Art in Georgian Dublin
14 October 2015The Dollar Princesses - American women who married into European Aristocracy
09 September 2015The Development of Colour from the Renaissance to the present day
08 July 2015The Art of Waterloo
10 June 2015From Egg to Bacon - English Painting 1850 - 1950
13 May 2015The Art of the Kimono: Japanese pictorial themes and stories
08 April 2015Donatello and the sculpture of the Renaissance
11 March 2015Jewel of the Crown - the Sainte Chapelle in Paris
11 February 2015Turner - The Sun is God
14 January 2015Verdi and Victoria - National Icons
12 November 2014Dining, Dandies and Decadence
08 October 2014Frogmore House - A Royal Retreat
10 September 2014David Roberts : Artist Extraordinary. Revealing the splendours of Egypt
13 August 2014The Architecture of Kensington and Chelsea
09 July 2014All Done on Ginger Beer
11 June 2014Hogarth : Caricaturist or Character Painter?
14 May 2014Madame de Pompadour and Marie Antoinette : from Rococo to Revolution
09 April 2014Wilfrid Owen : Poetry and Art of World War 1
12 March 2014Dreamtime to Machine Time - Australian Aboriginal Art
12 February 2014The Fascinating World of Playing Cards
08 January 2014The Art of Seduction
13 November 2013Charles Rennie Mackintosh and the Glasgow Style
09 October 2013Basingstoke and its Contribution to World Culture
11 September 2013A Family Affair: Florence and the House of Medici
10 July 2013The Life-enhancing Garden: Art appreciation in the design of gardens
12 June 2013Printmaking: the Influence of Japonisme
08 May 2013Tribal Rugs: Treasures of the Black Tent
10 April 2013Life and Times of the Sundial
13 March 2013Wonder Workers and the Art of Illusion
13 February 2013James Whistler - The gentle art of making enemies
09 January 2013Medieval Illuminated Books of Hours
14 November 2012Three Wise Men: Gold, Frankincense and Myrrh - the Tradition of the Magi
10 October 2012English Glass: 17th and 18th Century
12 September 2012Dickens Revisited: Bicentenary of his Birth in 2012

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Sir Stanley Spencer - an Autobiography in Pictures Carolyn Leder Wednesday 13 March 2019

One of Britain’s greatest painters, he was a visionary artist whose name became synonymous with Cookham, the picturesque Thameside village he immortalised, which for him was the scene of heavenly visitations.  Cookham shaped his work throughout his career, as the setting for subject pictures as well as beautiful realistic landscapes.  Thus on the river by Cookham Bridge, the artist showed Christ preaching to the crowds at the Cookham Regatta he recalled from his boyhood.  In a series of masterpieces, he also created some of the most original response to the two great conflicts of the 20thC. Aside from his work as an Official War Artist, his mural decorations at the Sandham Memorial Chapel, Burghclere, commemorating the First World War, are one of the great achievements of 20thC painting.  His turbulent private life can be traced through his figure paintings.

For many years, Carolyn Leder was Curator of the Old Speech Room Gallery, Harrow School. As an art historian she has written widely on Stanley Spencer, including a book on his autobiographical “Scrapbook” drawings.   Adviser to the Stanley Spencer Gallery and a former trustee, she has featured as a talking head on TV and radio, as well as curating and cataloguing many exhibitions of his work.  She is the consultant on three volumes of the artist’s writing, edited by his grandson, and is regularly consulted on Spencer by Sotheby’s and Christie’s.